My Favorite Camera

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I get asked a lot "What is my favorite camera?"

This has always been hard to answer, because I have quite a few cameras. From my iPhone to my Nikon's. To me they seem to do all the same thing, take pictures. Even when comparing with other brands such as Canon's, Sony, Pentax, etc....

My senior year in collage. I used a Mamyia 645pro. (medium format). Film was twice as big than 35mm film and you pick up more details when printing in the darkroom. And the freedom to change film backs without ruining the film. (I'll have that in a future blog).

My all time favorite camera that I have used was a Sinar F1 4x5 camera. Though the first time I used it, it controlled me with all the swings, tilts and rises. These are great for architectural photography for distortion correction on the buildings or landscapes. The 2 semesters experience of nothing but using the F1, was just amazing.

It almost felt like a stepped back in time with this. Setting it up on a tripod, using a loop on the ground glass to make sure it's in focus, cocking the lens and then releasing the shutter with the cable. Clamping the film holder down and pulling out the film shade out just felt old fashion and fun. This is what they had to work with when photography was growing, but longer exposures and harder processing techniques.

I mainly used it for studio work in collage and I was actually aiming as a product photographer. With this, you have the freedom to shoot polaroids to get an idea of where your lighting falls or you need to adjust something. After that you load in your single shot film holder and press your release cable. When developing chrome film was very pricey at times. But picking it up and looking at the developed film sheet was just and eye opener. "WOW" was my first reaction.

These are not ideal for action shots such as a wedding or a sporting event. And I have never taken one outdoor.

Here are some samples of some of my work with 4x5 camera.


RGB027.jpgRGB027.jpg RGB028.jpgRGB028.jpg RGB029.jpgRGB029.jpg RGB030.jpgRGB030.jpg RGB031.jpgRGB031.jpg


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